Here at Grand River Foods, we manufacture over 200 private label food products for Canada’s leading grocery, restaurant and food service companies. We are a 350 person strong entrepreneurial food solution company with a passion for and a single-minded focus on creating premium food experiences for a value-conscious customer and consumer.

What we have learned in our 25 years in the food manufacturing industry is that good food is a given. As industry professionals we expect our food supply to be at a good, high standard. As consumers we expect the food we buy to be good, nutritious and safe.

At Grand River Foods we know we need to be better than good. It is why we are a food solution company in the food experience business. Our solutions are conceived by food scientists, crafted by skilled artisans and delivered and serviced by food professionals. It is a complete food solution from development to delivery.

Being better than good is a rigorous responsibility that requires continual commitment. We are committed to the advancement of our people and our industry. Grand River Foods is proud to have spearheaded with the Ontario Government, Canada’s first Institute of Food Processing Technology located in Cambridge Ontario. We are committed to our community in Cambridge, the heart of Ontario’s kitchen and to the people who proudly manufacture the food. We make continual investments in our people, facilities, technologies and equipment to ensure that our solutions are continually better.

We are proud to say that our commitment is rewarded. Our company continues to grow stronger on the long-term loyalty of customers and our people. And our customers continue to be successful with the products we make for them. 


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